Clever Billboard Designs


There are many different ways to advertise a product but what is the best strategy. Some companies use sexual vibrations in ads to catch busy peoples attention while others use minimalistic and clever ideas. However the location and type also play an important role. While it probably is a combination of several advertising elements billboard advertising is one of the most eye-catching. However it can also be extremely expensive. No matter what the context is right use of typography in advertising can do a huge difference. The arrival of large digital screens is believed to create a new wave and type of billboard designs and it certainly also may lower the cost (at least the raw cost of installing it). A Billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure commonly found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads, market places etc. Simple billboards do not cater to the fancy of consumers nowadays. Hence, to make a mark and beat the competition, your billboard needs to be bang on and make instant memorable impression! In this article I present to you more than 45 examples of creative and clever billboard designs that will surely inspire you.



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